Community Service Sector & Digital Transformation

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Prof. Mahmoud Mohamed Elmeligy, Vice President of Community Service and Environmental Development, received this morning, Tuesday, August 11th, 2020, a delegation of monitors and auditors from the Ministry of Higher Education

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and the Ministry of Communications to evaluate  Mansoura University’s capacity for digital transformation. Prof. Elmeliegy presented the capacity of the sector for using automated systems within the framework of the university’s tendency to be fully digitalized. He indicated that there is a very competent electronic system for the sector for the operations within different departments and units including the Childcare Center, the Medical Care Fund, as well as the Vehicles Department.   The meeting also covered  the efforts of the Community Service sector in automating a number of services provided through the specific centers and units as well as a future vision of what will be implemented.

Dr. Muhammad Handousa,  a lecturer at the Faculty of Computers and Information and the coordinator of the digital transformation project in  the Community Service sector indicated that a mobile application has been created and launched. This mobile application is for the Medical Care Fund which would enable patients to book appointments for hospitals and clinics easily. It has different options including creating an account for each patient in a very secured way while preserving the privacy of his or her. These appointments can be booked and also paid for online. The patient can receive results of his or her diagnosis via the application to facilitate the process and save time and effort and improve the quality of the service provided. In addition, there is another application for the Motor vehicles Department which would enable Mansoura University students and staff members to pay the fees online and also check the timetables for buses and trace their arrival time and stops. He also referred to the electronic system of campus, including the system for of entry gates, systems for traffic and vehicles, energy, parks, in addition to fully automated system for the Occupational Safety and Health Department, so that risks can be reported in an easy and more accurate way, as well as activating the early warning system of risks and self-extinguishing of fire.

 It is worth noting that the delegation’s visit comes within the framework of activating the cooperation protocol between the Supreme Council of Universities and the Information Technology Industry Development Authority at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology regarding assessing the capacity of public universities for  digitalization, and it includes Prof. Ibrahim Moawad - Director of the Knowledge and Electronic Services Center Dr. Karim Emara - Director of the Egyptian Universities Network, Dr. Khaled Fouad - Director of the Center for Information Systems, Support and Decision Making at the Supreme Council of Universities and Vice President of the Information Technology Industry Development Authority (ITIDA) at the Ministry of Communications, Dr. Haitham Hamza - Director of Research and Development, Eng. Ahmad Al-Sheikh.