The National Campaign Initiative for eliminating Illiteracy

مبادرة الحملة الوطنية لمحو الامية

On Tuesday 4/7/2013 ProfessorMahmoud El Meligi -the University Vice-president for Community Service and Environment Development Affairs has met in his office with the team - members participating in thenational campaign for eliminating illiteracy

. The meeting began with the discussion of the letter of the Minister of Higher Education urging all Egyptian Universities to organize a nationalcampaign for removingilliteracy 2012 - 2020 in collaboration with NGO'S and UNISCO regional office in Cairo. The aim of the letter was to mobilize public opinion, provide resources, and co-ordinate efforts for the reduction of the numbers of illiterate people and their percentage to less than %10 to cope with the accepted international percentages by the year 2020. The meeting stressed the effective roles played by students, staff-members and administrators in this respect. The participants raised some ideas and suggestions which will contribute to the success of theinitiative. By the end of the meeting, Professor Mahmoud El Meligi has urged the attendees to make a count of the number of the illiterate workers at the university and to prepare a full-fledged proposal to eliminateilliteracy at Dakahlia Governorate to be discussed in the following meeting.