The Cultural Program of the Center for Values and Patriotism Studies.

The Center for Values and Patriotism Studies at Mansoura University is one of a kind at the Egyptian and Arab Universities. It represents a landmark at Mansoura University specifically when the issue of values is a matter of concern

. This issue of values is taken to be a cornerstone for the Egyptian national security and it has enjoyed a paramount importance all over the Egyptian history. The aims of the center focus on promoting Egyptian national spirit among the youth, enriching the sense of patriotism and civilization driving forces on a clear basis of duties and responsibilities for the sake of building the future of Egypt. It is the embodiment of all educational standards aiming at preparing the rising generation for the art of living for Egypt.
The center's cultural program for the academic year 2013/2014 is as follows:
1- The Symposia
• The symposium on “Egyptian Patriotism: Concept and Responsiblities”
(in collaboration with The Faculty of Arts –Mansoura University : Wednesday/ third week of October)
• The symposium on “Egypt: A Country of Civilization… A Future Vision”
(in collaboration with The Faculty of Education –Mansoura University : Wednesday/ third week of November)
• The symposium on “Egypt as envisaged by its Youth”
(in collaboration with The Faculty of Commerce –Mansoura University : Monday/ third week of February)
• The symposium on “The Youth and the Future of Egypt after the Revolution”
(in collaboration with The Faculty of Law –Mansoura University : Monday/ third week of March)
2. Training Programs and Workshops
• The program for preparing youth cadres in the field of Values of Patriotic Affiliation and responsibilities of Egyptian citizenship
• The program for activating the set of values in opposition to violence and corruption.
Coordination steps are taken with the General Administration for Youth Care at the University in order to facilitate the implementation of the training programs at different faculties on a weekly basis.
(A faculty is to be selected every week – The weeks assigned for symposia are to be excluded- Time is to be scheduled at the end of the week)
Program Duration: 5 hrs. (2 lectures/ 3hrs.+ 1 workshop/ 2hrs.)

3-The Cultural Forum of the Center for Values and Patriotism Studies at Mansoura University.
The forum focuses on workshops and dialogues among students concerning the current events and issues at the Egyptian society. This helps the students realize their responsibilities in supporting Egyptian efforts aiming at future development.
The Forum will be organized to include specifically the students of the practical faculties.The activities of the forum comprise understanding events, making judgments and realizing the third dimension which is the right of the country within the overall social scene.
4- The Touring Camera Program.
It is a talk show for university students that aims at asserting the concept of Egypt as envisaged by its youth. The program is recorded live with students inside the university. The interviews are conducted by the students of Mass Communication Department at the faculty of Arts and the staff of the Information Center of the university.
(First week of December/ second week of April)