The Environmental Day at the Faculty of Nursing

On Wednesday, 04th of December 2013, Prof. Mahmoud Elmeleigy, the Vice- President for Community Service and Environment Development Affairs has attended the opening ceremony for

the Environmental day which was organized by the faculty of Nursing under the name of "Environment Support Day". The Day was under the supervision of the faculty's Dean and the attendees included the Vice-Deans for many faculties. The University Vice-President stressed upon the idea that the Day aims at promoting the sense of positive participation among students, making use of their potentialities, encouraging them to take part in charity works and developing environmental awareness among students and employees.

The Vice –President toured the faculty centers and labs and was informed about the recent accomplishments, in addition he saw the guiding booklets and brochures that help students and community members avoid risks and overcome obstacles in their contact with the environment.

The faculty Vice-Dean stated that the Environment Day included various activities like health symposia, artistic and sports competitions, blood donation campaign, and a charity fair.