The Celebration of the International Year of Light at the Faculty of Science:

          On Monday, 20th. Of April, the Faculty of Science, Mansoura University celebrated the International Year of Light in collaboration with the Academy of 




Research and Technology. On this occasion, the university President stressed the importance of two basic issues; the reform of the educational process and the enhancement of the health-care system at the university. He also stressed the need to develop outdated curricula and to apply the latest trends in science so as to overcome the problems facing the educational process especially the increase in the number of students and the lack of financial resources.

           The Vice-President for Community Service and Environment Development pinpointed the urgency of having an urban coordinator in each and every faculty because of the great effect of the clean and beautiful scenes on the change of human behaviour.

             Professor Ahmad Hamza indicated that the declaration of 2015 as an International Year of Light came in response to the UNICCO’s request and in recognition of the contribution of the Arab scientist, Ibn-al-Haitham who founded the science of Optics; it came also as an emphasis on the role of basic sciences which revolutionized the fields of Medicine, Science, Arts, and Industry. Ibn-al-Haitham is the first to subject the science of Optics to study, experimentation, and deduction. His researches are equally important to the recent scientific ones.