A Celebration of the Day of the Deaf and Dumb

      Under the auspices of Professor Kenawi, the President of the university and the patronage of Professor El-Melegi, the Vice-president for Community 



Service and Environment Development, an unprecedented initiative in the Egyptian universities was launched to eliminate the dangers of hearing impairment and to integrate the deaf and the dumb into the fabric of the society. A celebration was held at the Nile Club with the attendance of a number of children from Dakahlia schools for the deaf and dumb as a beginning of another greater initiative that will include:


1.     A training scholarship from Mansoura university to the teachers of the deaf and dumb schools taught by university specialists.

2.     Holding one-day conferences which include workshops through which the latest apparatuses and medications of deafness are shown in the presence of the faculty of medicine staff-members and the specialized medical companies in the field.

3.     Initiating a donation campaign to help the needy of the deaf and dumb buy medical apparatuses and have operations.

4.     Holding entertainment parties at the Nile Club for university students and those of Dakahlia schools for the deaf and dumb.