The Ministry of Higher Education calls upon experts to contribute to the issuing of the series of Industry and Universities

Within the framework of the endeavour of the Ministry of Higher Education to create a link between Egyptian universities and the service 


and productive sectors of the Egyptian national economy, preparations are now made to issue the scientific series of industry and universities in an attempt to formulate an Egyptian intellectual capital that would restore  the Egyptian pioneering role in all the fields of science and knowledge. The series will deal with the following topics:


1-      Towards a legislative framework that supports macro and micro industries in the Egyptian economy.

2-      The economics of renewable energy production.

3-      The economic guide for touristic investment.

4-      Raising the productive capacity of Egyptian cotton and weaving industries.

5-      Recycling technology from environmental benefits to economic revenues.

6-      The role of science and knowledge in modernizing production and reducing cost.

7-      The standardized guide of vocational specialties and organizational skills.

8-      The operational guide of the establishment of macro and micro projects.    

9-      The economics of knowledge and its investing applications in Egypt and the Arab States.

10-University staff-members from cognitive to societal pioneering.