The Inauguration of the 3rd Fair for Qualifying and Employing Graduates / 28 -30 March 2016


The 3rd Fair for Qualifying and Employing Graduates was inaugurated with the purpose of  establishing a link between the university majors and the labor market, creating new employment opportunities for

graduates and those who are physically challenged, and offering them chances to be interviewed and trained. In addition, the fair makes the students aware of the skills and capabilities that are closely related to the local, regional, and international fields of work. The fair comes as a chance for different companies and corporations to propagate for their work activities and to find prospects of cooperation with the university. On the other hand the university will be able, through the fair, to publicize for the university centers and services in addition to the proper ways for utilizing them.

The fair witnessed the attendance of eminent figures of university, government, and the public in addition to representatives of companies, bodies, and corporations in the fields of concern to the fair. The fair included many fields of training and employment such as: management and marketing, medicine and pharmacy, engineering and technology, secretarial works and public relations, agriculture, education; and last but not least, tourism and hospitality. The side – activities of the fair included many training programs that were conducted in collaboration with training and qualifying institutions.

The fair witnessed the first launching of an Egyptian university’s unprecedented mobile- application Wazefty [My Job] which offers guidelines for obtaining the qualifications necessary for different jobs.