Safety Officer Duties and Responsibilities


This was a workshop conducted within the activities of the 3rd Fair for Qualifying and Employing Graduates at Mansoura University on 28-30 March 2016. The workshop offered a simple idea for the students about the concept of

Environmental Safety and Health Management which is considered a prerequisite to the standardized Environment and Quality Assurance Management System – ISO 9001:2015& ISO 14001:2015, and other systems of quality assurance.  This concept of safety management is applied to all activities, products, and internal / external operations that took place inside institutions that use the standard ISO 31000: 2009, or the standard ISO 14971:2012 as a basic manual for the application of the requirements of safety and risk management. In conformity with these regulations, it became mandatory for all institutions and companies to establish a Vocational Health and Safety Executive (HSE) within their administrative bodies.

The job description of the safety officer specifies his/her duties and responsibilities in accordance with the capacity of the institution; a thing that resulted in an increase in the demand for employing youth in the field of vocational safety and health. This process of employment is based on investigating certain physical and personal traits in the candidates. The candidate should also have a field- related academic degree and should have attended necessary training on risk analysis, fire fighting, lifesaving, and fire engineering. These things are considered a primary step for the one who would like to start a career in the field of safety.