The President of Mansoura University on the First Visit to the Faculty of Specific Education in Mit-Ghamr in 18 Years


On Saturday, May7th ,2016, with the attendance of the University President, the University Vice -President for Community Service and Environment Development, and the Dean of the Faculty of Specific Education, the closing ceremony of the students’ activities at the faculty of Specific Education in Mit -Ghamr  took place.



          Prof. Zaki Zidan asserted that the faculty has distinguished efforts and can serve the community in different fields. He added that the faculty has manpower which will be used and that the students’ projects will be implemented for the service of the community. 


          Prof. Mohammed El-Kenawy indicated that the faculty has a large number of students with great talents in various departments; a thing which deserves attention and encouragement. He added that the faculty will have regular follow-ups and one of the lecture halls will undergo a kind of renovation as a primary model for developing the rest of the faculty. Prof. El-Kenawy also mentioned that a Radio Broadcasting Studio will be established, in addition to the renewal of a practical training hall and the theater to help the students work on distinguished theatrical performances.