The Activities of “Health and Food in Ramadan” Workshop


Under the auspices of Prof. Mohammed El-Kenawy , the University President; and Prof. Zaki Zidan, the University-Vice President for Community Service and Environment Development, the Administration of Communications and Conferences in collaboration with  businessmen and 



Faculties’ Vice-Deans organized a workshop entitled “Health and Food in Ramadan” during the period from 12-13 June 2016 at the Nile Club. The workshop targeted the staff members and administrators of the university and the medical centers ; it included lectures by Prof. Ashraf Elzeiny, Professor of Nutrition; Prof. Mohammed Mersal, Professor of Sports exercise; Prof. Eman Eladawy, Professor of Diabetes and Endocrinology; Dr. Mohammed Salah, Lecturer of Cardiology; Dr. Ahmed Abdelwahab, Lecturer of Urology and Nephrology Diseases.

Many issues were raised at the workshops:

-         Diabetes: Symptoms and Prevention in Ramadan.

-         Protecting Your Heart in Ramadan.

-         Exercising against obesity.

-         The Way to Healthy Nutrition.

-         Heat Exhaustion and Renal Problems in Ramadan.

The workshop aimed at:

-         Identifying healthy nutritional habits in Ramadan.

-         Safe fasting in high-temperature days.

-         Healthy food orientation.

-         The importance of sport for maintaining vocational health.

-         The harmful effects of obesity and its treatment.