Mansoura University Celebrates International Day of the Blind


Under the patronage of Prof. Dr. / Mohammed Hassan Knawy President of Mansoura University and the leadership of Mr. Prof. Dr. / Zaki, Mohamed Zidan, Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development, Mansoura University celebrated on Tuesday, November 1, 2016, "the World Blind Day" Club of the Nile in cooperation with the Department of Education private Department of Education Dakahlia.


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Dr. Amal made Shahawy Faculty of Education quality proposal was carried out by college students work Portrait of Blind Joe embodies the face of the blind details in Braille so that the blind can recognize a face Details
Dr. Mohammed Knawy stressed that the celebration comes from the responsibility of Mansoura University worthwhile homeland issues, and his sons and their effective role in students with special needs care and the provision of all the possibilities of Mansoura University, represented in Medicine Center and eye surgery for the treatment of the blind as well as highlighting the blind problems and try to treat cooperation with civil society organizations.
Celebration witnessed the establishment of a number of entertainment such as paragraphs, paragraph Alorajos and charming side of a number of paragraphs lyrics