Setting an Integrated Plan to Apply Health and Professional Safety Conditions in All University Constructions:

Prof.  Mahmoud El Meligi, the University Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs, had a meeting on Tuesday 15th of January, 2019 in 

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the meeting room with the members of the Central Committee for Health and Professional Safety and Insurance of work environment, and the meeting came out with a lot of the important recommendations as follows:

vSetting an integrated plan to apply Health and Professional Safety conditions in all University constructions caring for the safety of individuals and constructions.

vPreparing maps of all campus and faculties’ infrastructure (network lines of fire extinguishing, irrigation, water, drainage, electricity and gas) which are 38  constructions.

vForming teams for Crises and Disasters and providing them with all the required aid means.

vProtecting Individuals working in Crises, Disasters or Safety with the necessary equipment (clothes, helmets, gloves and shoes) to protect them from dangers.

vforming Quick Patrol Rescue team in each construction of Safety guards to be on the alert to help in case of disasters or crises.

vMaintaining the route that connects The Civil Defense Administration to the University and removing all obstacles that may hinder fire Brigades on it.

vEnhancing the present status to make up for defects in constructions and individuals safety.

v Following up the maintenance of buildings’ roofs, getting rid of any garbage or agricultural wastes on Campus to avoid any possible disasters.