Mansoura University Integrated Convoy “Bridges of Goodness 3” finishes activities in St. Cathrine and Dahab

Mansoura University Integrated Convoy “Bridges of Goodness 3” launched by Prof. Asharf Abd El-Basset, President of 




Mansoura university , and  directed by Prof. Dr. Mahmoud El –Meligi the Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs finished its activities in Saint Katherine and Dahab, South Sanai Governorate.

Prof. Adel El Tabay, Technical Director of the Convoy ; Prof.  Hamdi El -kaluby, Administrative Director; Prof. Ahmed Abd El-Lateef, Technical Deputy Director for the Medical Affairs; Salah El-Sayd Gomaa, Technical Deputy of agricultural affairs; Prof. Abd Elmonem Montiser , Deputy Director for Veterinary Medicine Affairs, and Prof. Eman Ahmed Abo El-FadL Administrative Deputy Director of the Convoy  together with a number of physicians, pharmacists and nurses participated in the convoy.

These convoys represent an integral component within the plan of both the Supreme Council of Universities and Mansoura University to provide Medical care throughout Egypt. Mansoura university intends to continue organizing these convoys in Sinai within the universities’ strategies plans to achieve a leading role in the community. The university seeks to offer experiences in the medical , agricultural, and veterinary fields to these cities and the neighboring areas.

The activities of the convoy included medical aid and examination of people in both cities and neighboring areas. About 1616 cases were examined and offered free treatment. Veterinary and agricultural assistance were offered to farmers. Guidelines for proper animal nutrition and timely, regular vaccination and methods of increasing animal and plant production in difficult, dry conditions were also recommended for citizens who were also urged to care for medicinal plants.
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