Mansoura University Medical and Veterinary Convoy “Bridges of Goodness 4” finishes activities in South Sinai

Mansoura University Integrated Convoy “Bridges of Goodness 4” launched under the auspices of Prof. Asharf Abd El-Basset, President of 

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Mansoura University;  Prof. Mahmoud El –Meligi the Vice-President for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs( Director of the Convoy); and General khaled Fouda, Governor of South Sinai  finished its activities in South Sinai on 4/7/2019. The convoy aimed at providing integrated health care services in both medical and veterinary fields  in ELtour and Abo Redees cities between the first and the fourth of this July. During this period 884 citizens from Aburedees and neighboring areas were examined by physicians in different fields of specialization. They were also offered free treatment. Thus the total number of patients examined in Eltour and Abo Redees was  up to 3553. Sixty five patients were referred to Mansoura University Hospitals for further investigations and surgical interference.  As for veterinary services, 450 sheep and goats, 3500 birds, 3500 doves were examined. The total number of animals examined in both cities mounted to 450 cows and buffalos, 1650 sheep and goats, 8050 birds, 600 rabbits, 80 camels, 10 horses and 1100 doves. In addition, a number of cultural and awareness-raising seminars were organized during the convoy.