Discussing the Means and Challenges of Digital Transformation in Mansoura University

Prof. Mahmoud El-Meligi, Vice President for Community Service and Environment Development Affairs delegated Prof. Mohammed Abd El- Azeem- Dean of the Faculty of Engineering to meet with members of the 

Committee of Digital Transformation  and the IT coordinators in the different faculties and medical centers in the university on Monday the 19th of August. The meeting aimed at discussing  the means of utilizing  Digital Transformation, specifying the challenges and finding effective solutions for them. During the meeting, a number of issues related to preparing the university for adopting the system and upgrading it were discussed. It was agreed that the all the university best resources and technologies should be utilized in order to empower the university to adopt the Digital Transformation System. It was also agreed that each Faculty should designate a work team to identify problem areas and solve them and to draw a short-term plan to be finished before the middle of October 2019 and another long term plan.