"An Egyptian family without illiteracy" .. The slogan of Mansoura University to eliminate illiteracy in Dakahlia

Starting from the leadership role of the university in serving the community through participation in national issues, especially the issue of adult education, and within the framework of the national responsibility of the 


university for the participation of all state bodies and institutions in the advancement of society with a view to eradicating illiteracy; met Monday evening, December 2, 2019 Mansoura Adult Education Services headed by Mr. Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Mohamed El-Meligy - Vice President of the University for Community Service and Environmental Development and in the presence of the members of the Council from inside and outside the university.
Where a number of issues were discussed during the meeting, and it was agreed to activate the center’s plan to confront illiteracy in its real environment by addressing the Egyptian community’s awareness of its authentic social nature, which brings together the two elements of the educational process for adults “the student and the illiterate” together in one family under the slogan “family Egyptian without illiteracy ", through the participation of both the College of (Education, Specific Education, Early Childhood Education, and Arts) in cooperation with the National Authority for Adult Education in Dakahlia Governorate and considering this a challenge that must be passed in a short period, and a training program has been decided to rehabilitate students Year d Rasi 2019/2020 AD on the philosophy of adult education and how to deal with illiterate especially the elderly, and methods of motivating students "illiterate", and teaching methods for adults.