The Launching of Mansoura University Initiative “Your Health is in your Eyesight” Aiming to Check up the Eyesight of ElDakahlia Schools’ Students

In collaboration withthe General Administration for Environmental Projects at the Sector of the Community Service and Environmental 



Development, Mansoura University’s Ophthalmic Center started the activities of the Initiative “Your Health is in your Eyesight” which aims at the early detection of eye diseases and eyesight defects.

The start of the activities which took place at Martyr/ Mohamed Amin Albaz Primary School, was graced by the attendance of Mansoura UniversityPresident, Prof. Ashraf Abdel Basset, Prof. Mahmoud El Meligi, Vice-President for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs, the Ministry of Health Undersecretary, Dr. Saad Mekki, the Director of the Ophthalmic Center, Dr. Waleed Abu Samra. The Initiative intends to check up the school students whose number reaches 1300 of both genders.The Ministry of Health participated in The Initiative with the purpose of including the greatest possible number of students under the umbrella of Health care.