Mansoura University Vice-President Participates in a Workshop Hosted by the Fulbright Commission in Hurgada

Prof. Mahmoud Mohamed El Meligi, Vice-President for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs participated in the 



Higher Education leaders Program for Technology Management which was hosted by the American Fulbright Commission in Hurgada. The workshop was attended by 12 University Presidents and 12 Vice-Presidents as well as the President of Egyptian Scientific Research Academy, the President of Egyptian National Research Center and the American Embassy Consultant for Public Affairs together with a number of Senior staff from the Ministry of Higher Education and Academic Research and Members of the Board of the Fulbright Commission and its working team. The workshop was held to discuss important issues relevant to this field with Dr. Brian Darmody, the Executive Director of the Association of University Research Parks U.S.A.

Prof. El Meligi stated that participation in this workshop is a token of the fruitful cooperation between Mansoura University and the eminent international academic organizations which aims to develop junior members of staff in different specializations with a view to upgrading the university in the World University Rankings and to enhance academic research in all fields through the available programs.

Prof. El Meligi emphasized the importance of collaborating with international academic institutionsto enhance co-operation to prepare a new generation equipped with knowledge and science and capable of shouldering responsibility. This would boost the pioneering role played by the university as well as its academic potential and its efficacy as a leading educational institution.