Mansoura University Considers the Establishment of an Integrated Incubator for the Students within the "Pioneers of 2030 Project"

On Tuesday 9 April 2019, within the framework of the State's plan to build youth capacities and develop their entrepreneurial skills, Prof. Mahmoud El-Meligi, Vice-

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President of the University for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs, received the "Pioneers of 2030 Project" delegation from of the Ministry of Planning, Follow-up and Administrative Reform, headed by Dr. Ghada Khalil, the project manager to discuss ways of cooperation to establish the first integrated business incubator at the university.

This is to spread the entrepreneurial culture among university students and graduates and encourage them to set up their own small projects. The incubator provides training services such as administrative training programs to turn ideas into projects as well as technical and financial guidance for incubated companies, and provide guidance for the establishment of projects outside the incubator after the incubation cycle through the project submitted by Mansoura University under the supervision of Prof. Mahmoud El Meligi and the team work: Dr. Yasser Omar Abdu Al- Rady, Dr. Mahmoud Abu Al-Majd and Dr. Hanan Rifai Abdulqadir.

The cooperation comes within the framework of the University's efforts to implement the State's directives to promote the young talents capable of contributing effectively to the achievement of a comprehensive and sustainable economic and social development by building a scientific society capable of supporting and spreading a culture of entrepreneurship which depends on creativity and innovation to be one of the pillars of the national economy. Consequently, the main objectives of the vision of Egypt 2030 could be achieved, due to the belief in the role of the university in building awareness and civilization.