Achievements of Community Service and Environmental Development Council

On Wednesday the 17th of April 2019, Prof. Mahmoud El- Meligi the University Vice-President presided over the council of Community Service and Environment 


Development attended by faculties’ Vice Deans of Community Service and the external members of the Council. Prof. Elmeligi started by welcoming the attendants and congratulating them for Ramadan .

The council congratulated Dr. Saad Mekki, Health Ministry deputy , for being nominated again and thanked the attendants for their contributions to make “100 Million Healthy Lives Campaign” successful. Then the council started presenting committees formations which were issued as follows:

v“Following up” committee of elderly education aiming to implement the plan of The Higher Council for illiteracy elimination and educating elderly people and preparing the particular reports for labour market

vAn employment committee whose aim is to supervise Employment Fairs and to prepare for labour market in addition to making the particular  reports.

vA committee to carry out the initiative of Egyptian craftsmen whose aim is to supervise carrying out the initiative according to the approved proposal by the Supreme Council of Community Service and Environmental Service Affairs , and following up and preparing the particular reports .

vIntegrated comprehensive convoys committee whose aim is to carry out medical, veterinary, agriculture, social awareness, social, technical and educational integrated convoys according to the approved schedules by the Higher Council of Universities and preparing the particular reports.).