Our target : Examining 80 Thousand Citizens Daily:

      Prof. Mahmoud El-Meligi, Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs chaired the  

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Supreme Committee in charge of the procedures and supervision of President El-Sisi’s campaign to eradicate / screen Virus C and detect non-communicable diseases known as “1oo million Healthy Lives” in Mansoura University in the academic year 2018 /2019.

The committee is to co-operate with Dakahelia Health Administration to co-ordinate the work of medical teams from the Minnistery of Health.

In this meeting , the plan of the national campaign was presented. The campaign targets citizens above the age of 18 and is due to take place over a period of two months starting from the first of March until the end of April. The examination and analyses are free ; the results both confidential and instantaneous; the procedures merely a needle-prick; and the requirements simply the ID.

Dr. Saad Miki stated that the total number of citizens targeted is about 43 millions who will be examined in two month time, that is, around 80 thousand individuals per day. He pointed out that investment in the field of health is very important as a healthy citizen is capable of serving himself as well as his country. Dr. Miki thanked the  President, Vice President and Top officials of Mansoura University for their cooperation and support. Mansoura university offers technical support in addition to examination rooms supplied with computers, internet connection, sphygmomanometers,  stethoscopes, and weight and height scales. Working hours will be divided into morning and evening shifts.

Prof. El-Meligi stressed the importance of the role of the community sector in communicating with the local community and in  participating in this campaign .He stated that the role of the university should extend to society.