The Inauguration of the First Stage of El-Nile Club Development

Prof.  Asharf Abd El-Basset, President of Mansoura University and Chairman of the Board of Directors of El Nile Club; 

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Prof Dr. Mahmoud El –Meligi the Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs; and Prof. Mohamed Abd ELfatah Zohri, El-Nile Club Director, opened the newly established “Child Corner” and the “Artificial Turf Playground” on Tuesday 3rd. April, 2019.

         It is worth mentioning that the plan set forth to develop the club establishments comprises three stages. The first stage includes an artificial turf playground designed according to the international criteria and specifications and child corner. The second stage incorporates the establishment of a wedding venue and a restaurant. The third stage includes establishing a Cornish and a marina.

          This plan seeks to satisfy the needs of club members and their families. It aims at catering for their cultural and social needs as well as their sport and entertainment activities. The plan will also help the club increase the university revenues.