The First Initiative for the Development of Needy Villages in Dakahlia Takes Place in Gazalla Village- El Sinbillawein

          In response to the assignment of the Supreme Council of Universities, and the directions of 


Prof.Ashraf Abd El Gafar, Minister of Higher Education, and of Prof. Ashraf Abd El Basset, President of Mansoura university, Prof. Mahmoud El Meligi, Vice- President of   Mansoura University for Community Services and Environmental Development Affairs chaired the Supreme Supervisory Committee for the Development of Gazalla Villiage – El Sinbillawein on Wednesday 26 /6/ 2019. The meeting was attended  by a number of the directors of committees for the development of the village as well as deans and staff members of different faculties in Mansoura University together  with representatives of the civil community, Deputy ministers and heads of departments in Dakahilia Governerate.


           Prof. Mahmoud El Meligi started with emphasizing the need for implementing the plan adopted by the Presidency for the development of needy villiages and highlighting the societal role of the university in serving the community. He stated that in co-operation with Prof. Kamal Sharobeem, Governor of Dakahlia, and the senior staff of the Governerate, a committee was established for this affair and that Gazalla Village was chosen as it is one of the poorest villages. It lies on the farthest east boundary of the governorate and has the minimal level of infrastructure. Prof. El Meligi explained that a number of committees were designated to supervise the development in different fields such ( illiteracy elimination, social care, digitalization, machinization, water development, transportation, educational development, small enterprises, and housing development). These committees included specialists and experts from the university and other institutions. A field trip was organized to identify the most important problems facing villagers and to specify their actual needs.

           Prof. Farha El Shenawy added that the National Council for Women will benefit from the expertise of its members and is ready to cater for women’s need in Gazalla: women in the village will be given the training needed to establish small enterprises. Prof. Amira El Nemer highlighted the need to raise health awareness among women in the village.

          Prof. El Meligi emphasized the importance of devising a short and a long term plan for the development of the village and for communicating with the civil community and private universities to contribute to the development of the village. This will take place in different fields including education, health services, economics, social, cultural, and scientific and athletic fields as well as in digitalization.     

          Prof. Adel El Tabeey, Head of the Committee of Agricultural and Animal Production Development pointed out the importance of human resources as a cornerstone of progress. He also emphasized the importance of the university participation in as far as medical and agricultural research is concerned in the process of development. He also stressed the need to cooperate with other institutions.

At the end of the meeting, Professor El Meligi mentioned that the following meeting would be in the village so as to identify the actual needs of the village and assess the level of the services available. He also stated that a number of executive committees were formulated to implement the project of village development its infrastructure, and services development.