Honoring Mansoura University for its Role in the Success of 100 Million Healthy Lives Initiative

Dr. Kamal Sharobeem, Dakahlia Governor, honored  Prof. Mahmoud El –Meligi, the Vice President for 

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Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs  on behalf of  Prof. Asharf Abd El-Basset, President  of Mansoura University in recognition of the role played by the university and the Sector of Community Service and Environmental development Affairs in achieving The President’s Initiative for eridicating Virus C and screening chronic diseases known as “100 Million Healthy Lives”  which started on 1/3/2019 until 30/4/2019.

This occurred during an Honoring Ceremony which was held in Dakahlia Health Directorate to celebrate Dakhalia Governorate achieving first position in the  “100 Million Healthy Lives Initiative

Dakahlia was included in the third phase of the initiative. During the initiative,  3,729,881  citizens were examined thus achieving 88% , the target number being 4, 251,000 citizens.