A field visit by Mansoura University Committee for the Development of Gazala Village to evaluate Services and specify needs

Within the framework of the Presidency initiatives and assignments to the Supreme Council of Universities,Prof. Mahmoud El-Meligi, Vice President for Community Service and Environment Development Affairs 

and Chairman of the Supreme  Supervisory Committee for the development of Gazala Village conducted a field visit on Tuesday the 9th of July, 2019, with a view to identifying the actual needs of the village, evaluating the Services available and the problems facing the citizens. The visit was carried out in coordination with Dr. Kamal Sharobim, Dakahlia Governor. This visit aimed at augmenting the role of the University within the plan adopted by the University to develop poor villages.


             The university delegation visited a number of establishments including  the Youth Center, the  Health Unit, the Sanitary Station, Gazala Primary School and a number of utilities.

             The delegation held discussions with a number of executive officials and citizens from different age groups to identify the problem.Prof. Mahmoud El-Meligi stated that the university would dedicate   the expertise and the potential it has in its different faculties, centers, autonomous units, and sectors to develop the village and improve its infrastructure as well as the level of service. Prof. El-Meligi emphasized the importance of formulating a short term plan according to which certain procedures would be established to develop the village within three months based on the village actual needs; and a long term plan to solve the problem of the village infrastructure.