The “Seeds of Development Convoy” (Sanable El-Tanmeya) : The First Step to develop Gazala Village

In response to the request made by the citizens of Gazala Village, El-Sinbillaween Department, and the results of the field visit of Mansoura University delegation, the University launched “Seeds of Development Convoy” (Sanable El-Tanmeya) to the 

village on Wednesday 17th of July 2019, under the auspices of Prof. Ashraf  Abd El-Basset, President of the University and  Prof. Mahmoud El-Meligi, Vice President for Community Service and Environment Development Affairs and  Head of the Supreme Supervisory Committee for the Gazala Village Development Program. The convoy comprised a number of professors, specialists and experts from different faculties in the university. It integrates medical, veterinarian, agricultural, athletic, cultural, and awareness raising delegates.  It represents the outcome of co-operation between the University and the Fund of Small and Medium Enterprises in Dakahlia Governorate as well as the National Council for Women and Horas and Delta Universities.


             The medical convoy examined 1121 cases in different specialties and referred 15 cases for further investigation, treatment and surgical interference to Mansoura University Hospitals.

             The  veterinarian convoy examined 168 cows and buffaloes , 445 poultry,68 sheep and goat, 135 livestock animals, 3 pets and a turtle.

            The agricultural convoy held a number of workshops for awareness raising with farmers to identify the problems facing agricultural production and to suggest suitable solutions. Farmers were also informed about the need to get rid of harmful weeds found in rice fields and the importance of applying modern techniques in planting beet.

             A number of seminars were held to inform the farmers about different issues. One such topic was “How to Start your Home-based Project”. This seminar was addressed to women to urge them to participate effectively in development. A cultural workshop was addressed to the youth planning to get married. The workshop was delivered as a part of the “Compassion Initiative” launched by Mansoura University.