The Minister Of Higher Education and Scientific Research Meets with the Staff Members of Mansoura University

On Saturday 28th of September, Mansoura University has received Prof. Khaled Abd El-Ghafar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

The Minister held an open meeting with University Staff Members and Assistant Staff in the Conference Hall in Mansoura University Administration Building. The meeting was attended by Prof. Ashraf Abd El- Basset, President of Mansoura University, Prof. Mahmoud Mohammed El- Meligy,  Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs ,Prof. Mohammed Attia El-Baiumy, Vice President for Education and Students Affairs,  Prof. Ashraf Tarek Haffez Vice President for Higher Studies and Research, Professor Magda Naser, Member of the Parliament and ex - Vice President for Higher Studies and Research, Prof. El-Helaly El-Sherbiny  ex-Vice President for Education and Students Affairs and ex- Minister of Education and Technical Education. The meeting was also attended by Deans and Vice Deans of different  Faculties, Mr. Osama Moussa the General Registrar , Rigistrars of Mansoura University Faculties.

During the meeting , Prof. Abd El Gafar stated that Mansoura University  achieved  a high status  and that it had been assigned various missions.  He referred to the distinction achieved by Mansoura University in Overseas Student Programs, its standard  in International  Publication, and  its highly reputable centers in different specializations. He explained the role played by the Ministry in establishing modern technological universities in Bani Sweef, Quesna and New Cairo as well as in developing the Institute of Electronic Research , The Egyptian – Japanese Universities and in improving studies in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Sectors.

The Minister expressed his appreciation for the efforts of  staff members when  called upon by the State to participate in different scientific projects. He also referred to the high expenses offered by the State in scientific scholarships. The Minister  demonstrated the concern of the State regarding the improvement of the staff members’ status despite economic state which our country is passing through and which requires patience. 

Prof. Abd El-Basset expressed his happiness at receiving the Minister and his appreciation of the role his excellency plays in upgrading the standard of Egyptian Universities, thus leading twenty universities to be included amongst the best 1200 universities: a list which had previously included only six universities.

Prof. Abd El- Basset referred to the efforts of Mansoura university in seeking development according to the Educational  Development Strategy 2030 adopted by the Government  in the fields of education, scientific research, health, internationalization, human development, and Smart University. He also stated that  Mansoura University started 8 new programs at the undergraduate level and two at the graduate level. He mentioned that the number of accredited Faculties rose to 1o  after including three more faculties during the past three years and added that this would hasten the  institutional accreditation of the University. Prof. Abd El-Basset also stated that the University staff published 7294 research papers during the last three years and that the publications of the University were cited about 68 thousand times.

Prof. Abd El-Basset mentioned that the university signed cooperation agreements for academic exchange with different universities from 29 countries. He stated that Mansoura University is particularly interested in establishing a Comprehensive Technological  Unit and the development of the Technological Communication Centre   and the E-learning unit which contributed to establishing Question Item banks in Faculties of Nursing, Veterinary Medicine, Pharmacy, Education and Engineering. The Unit has also been involved in conducting electronic tests : 140 tests were taken by more than 71 thousand students this year.

Prof. Abd El-Basset emphasized the fact that Mansoura University is particularly interested in students’ participation in different activities and in preparing them for the Labour Market. This is demonstrated in the establishment of the University Center for Vocational Development, the Virtual Bank, The Virtual Stock market and Virtual Market.  In addition, the university offers social care services through subsidization which mounts up to seven 7.11 million pounds in addition to housing services in 21 dorms.

Regarding the university role in community services, Prof. Abd El Basset pointed out that the university launched 14 Integrated Convoys last year. He added that 3o66 kidney transplants and 705 liver transplants were performed in the University Medical Centers and that the university also contributed to decreasing waiting lists by 20%. It also Participated to “Health for 100 Million Campaign through 72 clinics in the university.