Combating COVID 19 in A Meeting between Mansoura University Community Service Sector and the Ministry of Health

Prof. Mahmoud El-Melegy – Mansoura University Vice President of Community Service and Environmental Development called for a

 meeting on Tuesday, February 4th, 2020 in order to discuss Mansoura University’s plan to confront the new Corona Virus (COVID 19) and the preventive ways of protecting Daqahlia citizens against it. He also discussed with his team of physicians and experts how to deal with positively tested patients, any symptoms of the virus, and the proper ways of isolation. Among the experts who attended the meeting are, Prof. Nisreen Omar, the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Prof. Mohamed Hegazy - Executive Director of Mansoura University Hospitals, Prof. Maha Maher - Director of Internal Medicine Hospital, Prof. Abdel Basset Saleh - Head of the Department of Chest Diseases at the Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Mustafa Mahmoud - Deputy Director of the University Emergency Hospital, Dr. Khaled Mahdi - General Manager of Medical Affairs, Dr. Saad Mikky – vice minister of Health in Daqahlia, and Dr. Lamia Salama - Director of Preventive Medicine Department in Daqahlia.

The meeting resulted in reaching an agreement about the standards of receiving positively tested cases. These standards are in accordance with what has been approved of by the Ministry of Health and Population. In addition to this, they agreed on preparing quarantines for receiving cases with a team of doctors specialized in infection control and clinical diagnosis. They also mentioned that all infection control tools and requirements are available. Moreover, it was also agreed to isolate the positive cases in the hospitals of the Ministry of Health and allocate places for isolation in the hospitals of Mansoura University.

At the end of the meeting, Al-Melegy indicated the importance of awareness in dealing with this crisis and emphasized the necessity of conducting awareness seminars and campaigns the outside community and all university colleges and hospitals in coordination with Preventive Medicine Department in the Ministry of Health in Daqahlia.