Performing 16 Operations and examining 2427 cases in Halayeb, Shalateen and Abo Ramad

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Mansoura University Integrated, Medical and Veterinary Convoy “Bridges
of Goodness 8” concluded its activities on Thursday on 19 th of March. The


activities of the convoy took place in the 3 cities for a week from 13-19 March
under the auspicious of Prof./ Ashraf Mohammed Abd El-Bassit, President of
Mansoura University, and General /Amr Hanafy, Governor of the Red Sea
governorate and General Chief of Staff/ Ayman Naeem Chief Commander of the
Southern Military Area, under the supervision of Prof./ Mahmoud Mohammed El-
Meligi, Vice-President for Community Service and Environmental Development
Affairs, Mansoura University.
During the convoy, 2427 citizens with different medical conditions in
Halayeb, Shalateen and Abo Ramad as well as neighboring areas were examined;
their medication was provided for free by the convoy Pharmacy. 16 operations
were performed and 12 cases were referred to Mansoura University hospitals.
During the convoy veterinarians examined 1160 sheep and goats, 720 camels and
260 birds.
A number of seminars and lectures were held to raise the awareness of
nurses, staff at the instruction and the education sector, the local department,
agriculture and health personnel and women concerning the harmful effects of
sedatives, analgesics and amphetamines. Other topics discussed included the
effects of female circumcision, importance of breast self-examination, prophylaxis
against COVID19. Other lectures included topics such as women’s role in building
up society, the importance of responsibility in social participation to achieve
development, maintaining family stability as well as the principles of citizenship
and belongingness.
In addition, medical nutritional provisions and aid were offered. The team
of Child Care and Development Center in Mansoura University contributed to the
convoy by preparing a classroom which integrates the educational and
recreational resources for children between 2 and 6 years. The class was provided
with instructional books and an amusement park was annexed to the class where
children were entertained. A puppet show was introduced, face-painting was
done and toys were distributed.