Mansoura University President Inaugurates A Number of Educational and Training Facilities at the Faculty of Engineering


Prof. Ashraf Abdel Baset, President of Mansoura University,  has inaugurated the operations of developing a number of educational and training facilities at the Faculty of Engineering. He was accompanied by Prof. Mahmoud El Meligy, the Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development,

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Prof.Mohamed Attia, the Vice President of Education and Student Affairs,Prof. Mohamed Abdel Azim, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering,Prof. Mohamed Mahdy, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Engineering for Education and Student Affairs,Prof. Sherif Masoud, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Engineering for Graduate Studies and Academic Research,Prof. Ibrahim El-Kalla, the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Engineering for Community Service and Environmental Development.

The development operations of these facilities were carried out to keep pace with the academic developments, as the faculty members together with other engineers have taken  part  in these projects in terms of design, supervision and implementation represented in: The Center for Studies, Research and Engineering Consultation.

The Faculty of Engineering’s Student Services Complex has been inaugurated, which includes: the conventional programs’ student affairs, the specific programs’ student affairs, electronic payment services, cafeteria, postgraduate grading rooms, separate grading rooms for each program, electronic correction unit, exam photocopying unit, central correction rooms, control and monitoring room , as well as other services.

In addition, other projects got developed and operated such as the hybrid learning services, the 55 training halls, each hall can accommodate 35 students. These halls are multi-purpose and equipped with all facilities to receive VIP visitors and hold important workshops.

The process also included the development of the administrative building and the opening of the pioneers’ hall in the faculty, where the roof of the building was covered with a blue dome, the development of the entrance to the building and the installation of an ATM machine to serve the faculty members.

A number of administrative headquarters were also equipped with some centers and units of a specific purposes including,  the  Center of Technical, Laboratory, and Scientific  Services, Environmental Measurement Laboratory. The robotics lab was established to serve students, especially the Mechatronics program, one of the faculty’s specific programs, in addition to developing and updating electrical protection and simulation labs in an appropriate manner within the faculty’s laboratory development plan to keep pace with the educational process development project. During the visit, students were inspected while performing end-of-year examinations, to ensure that all precautionary measures were applied to prevent Coronavirus and to preserve the safety of students and those in charge of the educational process.