The Second Societal Consultation Council

المجلس الاستشارى المجتمعى الثانى Under the auspices and with the presence of Prof. Elsayed Ahmed Abd El-Khalek, President of Mansoura University,The Second Societal Consultation Council of Mansoura University was held in

the Conference Hall at The Delta Company for Fertilizers and Chemicals on Tuesday 28/05/2013 in response to the invitation of Engineer Mohamed AbdElhameed Nasser, Head of the Board of Directors,with the attendance of Prof. Mahmoud Mohamed Al Meligy, University Vice-President for Community Service and Environment Development Affairs and the General Commissioner of the Council; Prof. Ali Hassan Etman, University Vice –President for Education and Student Affairs; Prof. Magda Ahmed Nasr, University Vice-President for Higher Studies and Research; and the Council Board. The session secretarial work was performed by Mr. IhabRagabElsherbiney, Manager of University Vice-President office.

The session started with a speech for Engineer. Mohamed AbdElhameed Nasser, Head of The Delta Company Board of Directors, in which he welcomed the attendees and thanked them for coming and allowing this event to take place at the company premises.Following the welcome address a presentation about the factory was made then the topics in the session agenda were discussed with special emphasis on strengthening the relations between the university and the community including factories and companies. The idea of this issue is to promote mutual interests and serve the region and the environment with the purpose of overcoming routine and traditional thinking to the benefit of Industry, community and university. Regarding this point in particular, Prof. Elsayed Ahmed Abd El-Khalek, President of Mansoura University, highlighted the efforts of the university in solving the problems of factories, providing them with working cadres, and training graduates to be qualified for working in the sector of industry and in turn the role of the university should be reviewed and the parties involved should have the will to achieve the targeted aims as the university is an indispensible partner