Awareness activities of the forum on the local council elections

In light of the implementation of the National Council for Women of meetings awareness about the local council elections held the forum awareness about the local council elections - remain steadfast strength of 



your right to a quarter of your council - on Wednesday 08.17.2016 at Rehab Mansoura University conference hall building of the General Administration of the University under the auspices of Mr. A. Dr. Mohammad Hassan Knawy the university president and the leadership of Professor / Zaki,, the Vice-president for Community Service and Environment Development and the organization of conferences and communications Department in collaboration with the national Council for women .

It is worth mentioning that the meeting aimed at stimulating urged girls and women to participate in local elections, candidates, and Atkhaba , raising awareness of the importance of participation and the creation of a large base of women who the ladies to have a desire to participate in politics , to change the negative culture for women's political participation .