President of Mansoura University discuss with the President of the Economic Sector Arab Women's Union to support small industries


Prof. Mohammad Hassan Knawy university president Dr. Suzette Reedy head of the economic sector specialized Arab women of the Arab League, the Federation met on Wednesday, November 23, 2016 in the presence of Prof. Zaki, Mohamed Zidan, Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development, and Dr. Ibrahim al-Sharqawi director of support for small and medium industries center
Nike Jordan



And to discuss ways of cooperation between the University and the Union of Arab specialized women by supporting small and medium industries center where Dr. Suzette offered activities and objectives of the economic sector union also agreed to launch innovation society initiative, which adopts ideas and business innovation for young people at the level of Egypt and Arab countries
And the holding of a protocol of cooperation between the university and the Union includes the provision of technical consultancy services for the Arab States of the Union, during which served as the university be a think tank for the service industry and investment.
And a competition to entrepreneurship emanating from Mansoura University in the framework of the innovative community initiative, also agreed to issue a photographer Guide (catalog) for projects adopted by the Union in collaboration with the University with an emphasis in all activities on the Arab mind the dimension and the dimension of Africa.
Dr. Mohammed Knawy that cooperation with the Federation of specialized Arab Women's League of Arab States to support small and medium industries will be an added value to the community and will work these industries to achieve self-sufficiency of the state and the provision of foreign currency.