The General Administration of Environmental Projects

Affiliate Divisions and Responsibilities:

General Manager’s Job Description:

Conductinganalytical studies necessary to determine the axes of the applied and research projects that the university contributes to the development of the environment

Cooperatingwith the responsible authorities in the university to prepare the necessary plans to put the general policy into practice.

Developing executive plans for environmental projects and the rules of its implementation from financial, human, political and social sides.

- Developing executive programs that are necessary to achieve the university plans to develop the environment and community service in various fields.

- Developing systems to monitor the progress of different research and applied projects and verifying the achievement of the objectives through the results and works of applied research projects.

- Establishing the coordination betweenthe university faculties regarding the composition of the working team for the implementation and follow-upof various projects.

Performing any similar assigned work.


Affiliate Divisions
First: TheAdministrationofPrograms Planningand Projects Implementation Affairs


Conductinganalytical studies necessary to determine the axes of the research and applied projects that the university use for the development of the environment

Participating withthe responsible authorities in public policy-making of the action plan and propose the principles of that policy.

Implementingthe final plans for the development of the environment from industrial, agricultural, environmental, human and social aspects.

Developing Executiveprograms that are necessary to achieve the university plans to develop the environment in various fields and cooperating with the responsible authorities at the university in this regard.

Preparingthe necessary decision and instructions for the implementation of the plans and the programs; and provide the necessary clarifications and changes in this regard, as well as preparing the regulating instructions so as to achieve the proper implementation of the scheduled plans.

Receivingreports from the officials in charge regarding the implementation in the various departments of the university; and collecting and analyzing follow-up data and comparing it to what is mentioned in the plan and preparing a report thereon.

Performing theassigned work.


Second: The Follow-up Administration of Applied and Research Projects Affairs


- Conductinganalytical studies to change the plans and the programs of environmental development into applied and research projects; and designing special proposals applied and research projects in coordination with the university faculties.

-  Working to provide full information from external sources of the environment, which can benefit the community in conducting the necessary research.

·        Facilitatethe task of faculty staff members to participate in applied and research projects activities; and providing them with the necessary facilities and capabilities to carry out these tasks.

Discussingthe proposals of applied and research projects with local organizations of environment in order to be presented to the officials.

- Following-up the developments, innovations andprojects that can be utilized or developed for community service and environmental development.

- Performing any similar assigned work.



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