The Administration of Communications and Conferences


About the administration:


- Opening new channels of communication between the university and the outside community (local and international agencies, civil society institutions, the various ministries and large companies) and creating new areas of cooperation.

- Communicating and coordinating with the competent authorities within and outside the university to prepare agreements and memoranda of understanding with other parties.

Holding conferences and seminars in cooperation with various parties on different issues to support the role of the university in community service and environmental development and preparing their own reports.

- Coordinating between colleges and the university units regarding the seminars and conferences to avoid duplication or inconsistency.

Documenting the recommendations of ideas and proposals issued by the conferences and seminars held at the university in the field of community service and environmental development and following-up their publication by the concerned authorities and the media.

Developing a database of the services provided by the university through its various units.

Developing a database of the protocols and the agreements held by the university.

Following-up the management work and make the maximum use of the available possibilities in the implementation of the tasks entrusted to them; and identifying the needs of the workforce and providing training.


Vision and Message:

Administration Vision:

Building a competent administration capable of competition in the field of follow-up, communication and the creation of new channels oriented to community service and environmental development which in turn will make Mansoura University one of the top international universities.



In collaboration with other administrations inside and outside the sector, the administration helps raise the technical standards of the projects of community service and environmental development with a view to achieving a distinguished standard of quality and creativity in all fields.

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