Medical, Veterinary and Instructive Convoys

·        The medical convoys are considered the gate of the university to the community and the surrounding environment; where there is an intellectual and scientific cohesion between them, the thing which promises prospective value.

·        Acquainting the community with the role of the university to perform its mission in serving the community and developing the environment in its various fields.

·        The community benefits from specialized academic competencies in all medical fields and solves the problems of the environment directly.

·        Directing the applied scientific research to solve the problems of the society scientifically and realistically through experiments and actual practice.

·        The students in the final stages of the Bachelor's degree receive scientific training and academic studies application on campus and in the university laboratories which result in their interaction with the surrounding environment, remote communities of the homeland, rural areas and urban slums.

·        Training the students, faculty members and their assistants to work as a team to cope with the international scientific progress that is common in other countries of the world.

·        Forming an operating system that works in accordance with the systems, procedures and fixed rules of applied research groups who work on solving the problems of the community and interact with it.

·        Cooperating with the public and executive authorities in Dakahlia and Damietta Governorates and creating a model to be imitated by other authorities in the two governorates to achieve mutual cooperation.

Preparation Plan for the Convoys

1.     Contactingthe Directorate of Youth and Sports in Dakahlia to cooperate with them in sending these medical convoys to the places in-need.

2.     Contacting the Faculties of Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine at the university through Vice-deans of the faculties for Community Service and Environment Development to provide them with human resources.

3.     Schedulingconvoys and notifying the Directorate of Youth and Sports to inform the executive and public authorities of those villages with the time of the convoy and the required procedures to enable the convoy to perform its mission to the utmost.

4.     Specifying the places where theconvoys would go which has to be based on a letter from the Directorate of Youth and Sports in Dakahlia notifying the three colleges to enable the convoy to perform its mission to the utmost.

5.     Providingtransportation for the convoy to the village by the General Administration of Environmental Projects and the Directorate of Youth and Sports in Dakahlia.

Achievements in the Field of Medical Convoys

·        Sending medical convoys is one of the activities ofthe Environment Sector in Mansoura University aiming at serving the communities surrounding the university.

·        Theconvoys have various activities that include the areas of human medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine from 1999 and up till now.

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