The Council of the Community Service Sector Presents Its Achievements for 2019/2020

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The Council of the Community Service Sector at Mansoura University held its monthly meeting  this morning, Wednesday 12th of August, 2020. This is  its session No. (241) chaired by Prof. Mahmoud Mohamed Elmeligy – the

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Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development and  the representatives of different faculties, vice deans of Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs, as well as the external members of the council from outside Mansoura University.

Prof. Mahmoud Mohamed Elmeligy started thanking Prof. Abdel Moneim Montaser - Vice Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine for Community Service Affairs, and Prof. Ibrahim Lotfi Al-Qalla - Vice Dean of the Faculty of Engineering for Community Service Affairs for the efforts they exerted and their work since they got appointed in that position. He also welcomed each of Prof. Sabri Ahmed Al-Khudary - Vice Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine for Graduate Studies  , and Prof. Muhammad Gamal Mahdi - Vice Dean of the Faculty of Engineering for Education and Student Affairs. He also thanked the medical teams and health workers combating the Corona virus including the doctors, nurses and paramedics, for the big role they played and the efforts they exerted in  combating the virus, whether at the university or governorate level.

He also indicated that the Community Service and Environmental Development sector designed a form to evaluate the performance of the vice deans of the Community Service sector  to be filled out by their employees and the deans of faculties as well as the vice president himself. This is in addition to the self-evaluation of the vice-dean himself, in light of the requirements of Mansoura University's progress for institutional accreditation .

Prof. Elmeligy pointed out that there is a tendency  and a great  interest of the state towards transforming Egyptian universities into smart universities, as a joint team from the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and the Supreme Council of Universities visited Mansoura University over a period of three days in order to evaluate Mansoura University’s capacity for digitalization.  Also, the Community Service sector has formed a committee for the digital transformation to assess the current situation of the sector and to the possible ways of digitalizing it while at the same time considering the priorities. This committee also is entitled to developing a strategic plan for auditing and follow-up as well as monitoring the implementation process.

He also praised the effort made by the community service agents during the past period in dealing with the repercussions of the Coronavirus, and indicated that the sector supervised the distribution of (94) sterilization gates, (96) thermal detectors, (36868) medical and cloth masks, and ( 3447) posters for Coronavirus awareness, and (80050) pairs of medical gloves, in addition to (33200) liters of disinfectant materials used in the sterilization gates of all the university faculties , specific centers and units.

During the meeting, a number of plans and reports were reviewed on the activities of the Faculties of Medicine, Computers and Information, Arts, Sciences, Tourism and Hotels, Veterinary Medicine in the field of community service and environmental development.

At the end of the meeting, Prof. Elmeligy announced that the university would organize the comprehensive "Bridges of  Charity” (Gossor Elkheer) (9) convoy to the South Sinai Governorate in the beginning of next October, within the framework of the university's strategy to play its societal role, and as a continuation of the integrated medical convoy plan "Bridges of  Charity ", which Mansoura University started in 2018.