"Great Egypt" initiative launched at Mansoura University


Within the framework of the political leadership's interest in raising the awareness of society about achievements in various fields, Al-Mahrousa Students Team of the Community Service and Environmental Development Sector launched the "Great Egypt" initiative, Under the auspices of Prof. Ashraf Mohammed Abdul Basit, President of Mansoura University, Prof. Mahmoud Mohammed Al-Melegi, Vice President of Community Service and Environmental Development, and under the supervision of Dr. Mustafa Amin, General Manager of Environmental Projects,

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In order to develop national motivation among Egyptian students, advocate following the great examples presented by the initiative, learn about the Egyptian civilization and its Antiquities and secrets, raise awareness of the students of Egyptian universities in internal tourism and develop awareness of the excellence of Egypt as a destination for many tourists and to shed light on the models affecting various fields.

The initiative deals with introducing tourist destinations in various parts of Egypt, as well as instilling a positive spirit in confronting the Covid-19 epidemic and taking advantage of the current vacation period to increase the student culture about our beloved Egypt.

You can follow the initiative through the team's official page: