Mansoura University President Checks the First Stage in Manufacturing Electronic Self-sterilization Gates


On Sunday, May 31st, Prof-Ashraf Abd El-Basset, President of Mansoura University checked the first stage in manufacturing electronic self-sterilization gates which will be set up at the gates of

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faculties. Hospitals and medical centers. This stage entails the production of 50 gates. During the tour, he was accompanied by Prof. Mahmoud Mohammed El-Meligi, Vice -President of Community   Service and Environmental Development Affairs, and Prof. Tarek Hafiz, Vice- President of Higher Studies and Research, Prof. Mohamed Abd El-Azeem, Dean of the faculty of Engineering and Captain Haitham El-Bedweehy, Director of the Olympic Village.

               Prof. Abd El-Basset confirmed that completing the first stage of manufacturing electronic self-sterilization gates is an integral part of the States plan to co-exist with Coronavirus and as a means to enhance all the precautionary measures of combatting the outbreak of Covid19 which include  self-sterilization for all those who frequent the university.

               Prof. Mahmoud Mohammed El-Meligi stated that a higher committee had been designated to supervise the manufacture of the gates in accordance with the standard specifications to provide protection for individuals in the university. He added that this step was undertaken as part of the precautionary measures set up by the states to co-exist with the virus and to increase the scope for sterilization in the university premises as well as to guarantee the safety and hygiene of all personnel  when they resume work in the different sectors of the university.

               Prof. Abd El-Basset added that the university started producing the electronic self-sterilization gates after the university TAICO office obtained a patent for it from the Scientific Research Academy. The first stage of manufacturing was carried out in the university Olympic Village using materials available in the Egyptian Market. He stated that the faculty of science would be in charge of producing safe disinfectants and unharmful to the human body, skin, clothes but effective in destroying viruses and bacteria.

               Captain Haitham El-Bedweehy explained that these gates function using sprayers for self-sterilization. He added that these gates were manufactured by Egyptian labour using materials available at the Egyptian Market. He added that the gates were modified to suit the different locations which vary in their activities and the number of people who frequent them, be that location a faculty, a hospital, or an autonomous unit. Further, manuals for use were made for models (MU1, MU2, MU3, MU4)  

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